Commercial Building Anchor Points Inspection - Southaven, MS

Anchorage Point Testing in ProgressOSHA requires all anchorage points used on a tall building to be tested for 5k lbs in all directions #1910.21b is the OSHA regulation building owners – tall buildings window washers would be tethering to these anchor points needs to be tested every year walking working services rule – employers and building owners rope descent systems RDS comply with the requirements he provides the necessary service for building owners to comply with testing the anchor point systems – must be done before any worker can use the RDS he has a tool that will pull on the anchorage up to 5k lbs and he will certify if it meets the requirements has an image of the tool that they used – it is of a test in progress on a roof every roof is inspected before they go up – every roof is different some buildings only anchorage points are the steel beams as part of the building – he can determine at the end of the testing , they get a green tag for good, yellow for caution, or red for fail/danger he also provides a recommendation certification that has info about the findings.

If you’re the owner of a tall commercial building, OSHA regulation #1910.21b requires an inspection of anchor points that are used by window washers in conjunction with rope descent systems to ensure they’re safe at least once every year. As a licensed professional engineer in Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi, Dexter Varnell P.E. can provide you with the commercial building anchor points inspection you need and give you a green, yellow, or red tag at the end to let you know if you passed, failed, or need to take caution when utilizing your anchor points.

During an inspection, Dexter will use a special tool to pull on your anchor points up to 5,000 pounds to make sure they meet OSHA requirements before any worker can use the rope descent system on a new building. He can also come back and inspect anchorage points annually, as required by OSHA, and let you know if your anchorage points are steel beams and part of your building, which can sometimes be the case.

All building owners must have a commercial building anchor points inspection done every year, and if you’re going to have yours done, it should be conducted by a trusted professional in the industry. Dexter Varnell P.E. is one of the only companies offering this type of inspection in the area. You will receive your tag at the end of your inspection, and you will also be provided with a recommendation certificate outlining the information found during your specific inspection. Dexter Varnell stands behind his inspections and will work to make your building safer each year.

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